Saiyuki series celibrates its 20th Anniversary!


To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Saiyuki manga series written by Kazuya Minekura a new anime adaption named Saiyuki Reload Blast is in the planning phase. In addition Kotobukiya will be releasing an ARTFX J figure of Genjo Sanzo, one of the main characters from the series.


The 7th and 8th of January 2017 a festival named “Saiyuki Festa 2017” will be arranged in Chiba at Makuhari Messe. At the event there will be an exhibition of Kazuya Minekura’s official artwork, a stage event with the voice actors from the anime and you will be able to buy exclusive goods from Saiyuki. The festival is held as the manga enters its final chapters.

The goods include an exclusive brochure that will only be sold at the event in memory of the 20th Anniversary of Saiyuki containing an interview with Kazuya Minekura and the voice actors from the anime series. The brochure will consist of 52 fullcolor A4 sheets and cost 3000 yen.


Saiyuki 20th Anniversary Brochure

Other products sold at the festival include: a set with 24 postcards from the 20th Anniversary, tapestries, key chains, T-shirts, tote bags, towels and CDs.


Postcards (left) and tapestries (right) from Saiyuki Festa 2017

Read more about the festival at the Saiyuki Festa 2017’s official webpage:

The manga is based on the famous chinese novel “Journey to the West” where a monk travels together with his three demon companions to take back the holy scriputres from India. The manga revolves around the four main characters: the monk Genjo Sanzo and the three demons Son Goku, Sha Goyjo and Cho Hakkai that travels to the west to stop the evil Doctor Ni. Son Goku have an important role in the story since he is based on the famous Sun Wukong – the monkey king.


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