Tales of Berseria (PS3 & PS4) released in Japan

Tales of Berseria, which is the latest game in the Tales of role-playing game series by Namco Bandai was released in Japan for PS3 and PS4 the 18th August 2016. The game feature main character Velvet Crowe a savior, which is said to be the one to bring peace to the world. The story mainly takes place in the Holy Midgand Empire which now has been struck by the spreading disease of Daemonblight. A disease that makes its victims lose humanity and transform into Daemons. Working to purge the world from the Daemons is an organization with Exorcists known as the Abbey. In the game a new race is introduced which is known as the Malak that is a kind of supernatural spirits that now is used as slaves by the humans of the world.

Read more about the game at the official game site: http://talesofberseria.tales-ch.jp/ !

The cover for the japanese PS4 version of the role-playing game Tales of Berseria:


Here are some of the characters from the game:

First row  – Velvet Crowe (Daemon) and Rokurou Rangetsu (Daemon)
Second row – Magilou (Sorceress) and Eizen (Malak)
Third row – Eleanor Hume (Exorcist) and Laphicet (Malak)
Fourth row – Artorius Collbrande (Head of the Abbey)  and Oscar Dragonia (Exorcist)
Fifth row – Teresa Linares (Exorcist) and Shigure Rangetsu (Exorcist)

Tales of Berseria has also appeared in episodes 6 and 7 in the TV anime series Tales of Zestiria the X which premiered in summer 2016. You can watch Tales of Zestiria the X at Daisuki: http://www.daisuki.net/se/en/anime/detail.TalesofZestiriatheX.html.


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