Chihayafuru Live-Action movies (2016)

The first live-action movie Chihayafuru: Kami no Kou premiered in Japan on March 19 and the second live-action movie Chihayafuru: Shimo no Ku premiered in Japan on Arpil 29.

The main character Chihaya Ayase is played by actor Suzu Hirose. Other actors include Shuhei Nomura that plays Taichi Mashima and Mackenyu that plays Arata Wataya. Read more at the live-action movies official site:


The live-action movies are based on the manga Chihayafuru by Yuki Suetsugu that’s been published in Japan since 2007 (recently at its 32 volume). The manga has also been adapted into two seasons of an Chihayafuru TV anime with a total of 50 episodes running from 2011 to 2013. You can watch the anime series at Crunchyroll:

Chihayafuru tells the story of Chihaya Ayase that starts up a karuta club at her school – the Mizusawa Karuta Club. Karuta is a japanese card game in which you try to quickly determine which card out of an array of cards is read by an announcer and then to grab the card before it is grabbed by your opponent. Together with the members of her club Chihaya tries to become the best Karuta player in Japan.


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