Blue Exorcist anime will continue in 2017!

At AnimeJapan 2016 this spring it was announced that Blue Exorcist (jap. Ao no Exorcist) will continue with a new season in 2017. A-1 Pictures will be making the new anime series which is based on the Kyoto Impure King Arc from the manga series. The official webpage of Blue Exorcist has already posted a new picture for the new TV anime.

Blue Exorcist tells the story of Rin Okimura and his twin brother Yukio Okimura, which is known as sons of Satan, that works as exorcists at True Cross Academy. Together with their friends they defend the human realm Assiah from the demon realm Gehenna.


Notice: MVM Entertainment released a DVD (Region 2 – Europe) in August 2016 with the complete TV Anime of Blue Exorcist season 1 and 2. The DVD also included the Blue Exorcist OVAs.


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