300 Limited Doflamingo sunglasses made by Cospa

Now Cospa is selling 300 exclusive sunglasses that is worn by Donquixote Doflamingo in One Piece. They are made like real sunglasses with 99% UV protection and the frame is made of stainless steel which make them functional to wear. The frames has prints of Doflamingo’s name and his mark. In sunlight the red glass even shifts to yellow just as in the anime!

They are only sold at Cospa Official Shop, JUMP SHOP, Mekke! and Amazon.co.jp for 10800 jpy (with tax). They start to accept pre-orders from the 10 June 2016 and are estimated to be shipped in late October. The size is described as: Temple 135mm Bridge 22mm Lens 59mm.

Cospa also warns the buyers that the glasses doesn’t work for welding or other extreme intense light. They also want to warn that you shouldn’t use sunglasses when you drive a car, bike or the like.





Link to official product page: http://www.cospa.com/detail/id/00000063019



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