D.Gray-man merchandise at AnimeJapan2016


At AnimeJapan 2016 in Tokyo held between 25-27 march (2016) TMS Entertainment, the studio behind D.Gray-man which has been announced for release this year, will sell following pre-released D.Gray-man merchandise at their booth (J64) at the convention!

D. Gray-man Anime Japan set
Allen set / Kanda set / Lavi set for 3000 yen each (including tax).You’re allowed to purchase 1 set per person.


– 1x acrylic key chain (vertical 110 mm / body: acrylic, metal fittings: steel)
– 1x Stand Can Badge (diameter 150 mm / back stand type)
– 1x Can Badge (diameter 56 mm / steel PET)

A set contains three parts, including one acrylic key chain and two can badges in two sizes with original drawn illustrations from the upcoming anime. The set is limited to the first shoppers at AnimeJapan2016.

TMS Entertainment also announces that they have planned to held an exhibition at the convention with new visual of the D.Gray-man anime (2016) and they welcome everyone to have a look at their booth at AnimeJapan2016!

D.Gray-man (anime) official webpage: http://dgrayman-anime.com/
AnimeJapan2016 official webpage: https://www.anime-japan.jp/en/


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