Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Pegasus Seiya & Gemini Saga figures

The 6th January 2016 you could start pre-order two new action-figures of Pegasus Seiya and Gemini Saga from Saint Seiya. They will be released in May 2016 and are the first figures in the new Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation series. The figures are about 100 mm high and will be manufactured by Bandai.


Together with the two figures you can now recreate the final battle in the Pope Chamber in the end of the Zodiac-arc in the TV anime version of Saint Seiya which aired in 1986.


Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Pegasus Seiya – Pegasus Meteor Fist

Saint Seiya comes in his original armor together with the effects to his famous “Pegasus Meteor Fist”. The figure has optional parts for the face, the hair and the hands. The package also contains a base and a pillar depicting parts of the Pope Champer. The figure costs around 3000 yen.


Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Gemini Saga – The Pope Chamber

Gemini Saga comes in his Gold Cloth armor with optinal parts for the face, the hands and the hair so you can change between his two personalities. The package also includes effect-parts, a base and other building parts such as stairs, a throne and destroyed pillars. The figure costs around 5000 yen.


If you buy the first release of the figure of Gemini Saga you will get a bounus package with a figure of the famous Athena statue in the size of 200 mm.


There are already many Saint Seiya action figures which has been manufactured since 2003 of Bandai named the ‘Saint Cloth Myth’ series. The main characer, Seiya, has got around five different action-figures in the ‘Saint Cloth Myth’ series..


The 1st of February 2016 the pre-orders started of two additional figures in the Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation series of Phoenix Ikki and Virko Shaka. They are expected to be released in June 2016.

Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Phoenix Ikki – Flaming Wing Takes Off


Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Virgo Shaka – Virgo Temple



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